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  • Perception and symbolic violence

    Traditionally, the study of the social perception of reality has been approached either from the standpoint of political demoscopy of how “public opinion” defines the most varied social problems, or from social psychology analyzing the mental processes which give rise to the perceived images of reality. But none of these perspectives takes into account how social relations of power affect social perception. The sociology of knowledge, with the centrality it gives to the relationship between social structure and points of view, can alleviate this explanatory inadequacy.

  • Dating sites and male chauvinism

    Any man who is on a dating site has seen that it is very difficult to get a date on such web sites. Instead, the girls only have to snap his fingers and they will have what they want. They say many things about that personalizing the problem around the protagonists of this issue (“it is just that all men are randy…”, “it is just that women are strait-laced and demanding”). But the truth is that the cause of all this is only one. It is called male chauvinism.

  • The lack of initiative

    It is common for men to be the ones to initiate the “conquest” of women. It is said that women always “expect the men to give the first step”. But increasingly, women are the ones who “take the lead”, but still “some are not doing due to lack of initiative”. In these cases, it is said there is a “psychological barrier”. But actually there is no psychological barrier. It is a social barrier. It is called male chauvinism. It is what explains that in gender relations there are still one part that are free to do whatever they want (men), and another part cannot do it (women).

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