Picture of Xavier Gimeno Torrent

Xavier Gimeno Torrent is a sociologist and independent researcher. He is interested in the institutionalization of sociology in Catalonia. His articles “Classification and hierarchy (in Catalan)” (Revista Catalana de Sociologia, volume 21) and “The study of the institutionalization process of sociology in Catalonia I & II” (RCS, volumes 24 and 25) are representative of this research line. His main research interests are sociology of fields of symbolic production and their relation to field of power; and social structure of the integration process. Regarding the latter research line, his interests are centered on the theory of reference group behavior, applied to the case study of the reception of immigrants in Catalan small rural towns under the impact of the crisis of the peasantry in the early 1960s (“The establishment of the district of Santa Maria de Palafolls (in Catalan)”). He also works as a scientific translator. Currently he is working on the translation into Spanish and Catalan of Robert K. Merton’s classic The Focused Interview. Other translations into Catalan are El camp polític (Gedisa, 2017), translation of Propos sur le champ politique by Pierre Bourdieu and, from the same author, Esbós d’autoanàlisi (Publicacions de la Universitat de València, 2008). He has also published articles devoted to the study of survey research problems (Metodología de Encuestas, volume 8; Empiria, volume 20).