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Dating sites and male chauvinism

Any man who is on a dating site has seen that it is very difficult (and it is no exaggeration to say that almost impossible) to get a date on such web sites. This also applies to any web chat or even for real life, in a bar or nightclub when he is trying to get off with some girl. Instead, the girls only have to snap his fingers and they will have what they want. Continue reading →

The lack of initiative

It is common for men to be the ones to initiate the “conquest” of women. It is said that women always “expect the men to give the first step”, because “it has always been so”, and “it remains to be”. But increasingly, women are the ones who “take the lead”, but still “some are not doing due to lack of initiative”, or “lack of self-confidence”. Continue reading →

Political field and mediatic field

It hits you in the eye the large correspondence (structural homology) established, in Spain, between political and mediatic field, leading to the reproduction of a number of divisions (principles of vision and division) in these two fields. Continue reading →

The two-step flow of communication

In 1944 and 1955, Paul Felix Lazarsfeld published two important studies that meant an important conceptual rupture in the field of mass communication studies. The first, conducted jointly with Bernard Berelson and Hazel Gaudet, Continue reading →