Propos sur le champ politique by Pierre Bourdieu and Philippe Fritsch translated into Catalan

Translation into Catalan of Propos sur le champ politique by Pierre Bourdieu and Philippe Fritsch. Gedisa, 2017.

How can one be silent when a danger is perceived? The answer to this question is, of course, moral and political. However, in the conference issued in Lyon on February 11 1999 which is the core of this work, Pierre Bourdieu responds, preferably, as a sociologist. Focusing on the political field, their proposals were gradually shaping the meaning of this notion and just what it allows us to understand, the social conditions of political domination and just what it implies the silence of the crowds, but also what it can be achieved with the strength of critical science. The research underlying their response is evoked by Philippe Fritsch in an introduction where the several findings are clear, and where both the continuity and diversity of this problem is reviewed. These research projects are evoked once again, over the transcript of the interview that same day Pierre Bourdieu granted to Philippe Fritsch, which dealt with the relationship between the social sciences and policy. Finally, these same works are directly remembered in the form of the four previously unpublished texts included at the end of the volume, which give evidence of a concern and the variety of forms of his enunciation.