Social theory

The two-step flow of communication

In 1944 and 1955, Paul Felix Lazarsfeld published two important studies that meant an important conceptual rupture in the field of mass communication studies. The first, conducted jointly with Bernard Berelson and Hazel Gaudet, Continue reading →

Racism and crisis

There are two possible hypotheses explaining the mechanism of racism in situations of crisis. The first appears to be not specific to situations of crisis and suggests that when these contexts receive immigrants there are some changes in the social structure which would be analogous to upward mobility Continue reading →

The sociologist and the social position

Not everyone can be a social scientist or a sociologist. As not everyone can be a soccer player. The only people being really able to do social science or sociology are the socially uprooted as many cases demonstrate all along the history of the social sciences; Continue reading →

The epistemological break

The epistemological break is that process ensuring that explanations scientist gives to social phenomena he studies are scientific explanations. This means not only adopting scientific language Continue reading →