Book review of Esbós d’autoanàlisi by Pierre Bourdieu (in Catalan)

Published in Revista Catalana de Sociologia, 2011, volume 26: 97-100.

Esbós d’autoanàlisi (Sketch for a Self-Analysis) sheds light on one of the less studied and most characteristic processes taking place in contemporary societies: the way in which the citizenship-tization process of social structures or its agents is implied in the production of a certain kind of personality involving phenomena such as class racism, which is a result of this kind of personality: the split habitus. Bourdieu does this through the analysis of its own process of upward mobility and the impact it has on their scientific career. That is, the analyst examines himself. This theme is not exactly a novelty in the path of Pierre Bourdieu, although the lens under which the analysis is carried out, taking itself as an object of study, yes it is: just at the beginning of his scientific career, he undertake the study of relations between French colonizers and Algerian colonized men, an exercise that, from an aggregate perspective, develops the same theme.