An analytical model and a system of hypotheses for the study of the process of institutionalization of sociology in Catalonia (in Catalan)

Paper presented at the V Catalan Conference of Sociology, Bellaterra, 2009.

The aim of this paper is, firstly, to state the need of breaking with currently accepted concern among Catalan sociologists, which has inspired numerous studies —either «quantitative» and «qualitative»— undertaken by various agencies (universities, professional associations, etc.), on the professionalism and employability of sociologists, in order to carry out the rigorous study of the process of institutionalization of sociology in Catalonia, which could be used (as a possible application) to find the real source of problems that have to do with Catalan sociological market. Second, the paper points up some of the most common assumptions about the process of institutionalization of sociology in Catalonia, taking three, which are explicitly pointed by well-known Catalan sociologists, assumptions revolving around the oppression of Catalan nation, the contradictions of late capitalism, and the process of conquest of freedom at the end of Franco’s dictatorship. Then, thirdly, these assumptions are discussed in a reflective way to ferret out what are actually revealing about the sociological field in Catalonia. It is evident that mainly speak of the high degree of politicization of sociology practiced in Catalonia. Fourth, we present the analytical model applied in defining the object of study. By using this model it is revealed the main hypothesis about the politicization of the field as well as it is set up the system of hypotheses which is the body of this work. As you will see, the presentation of the analytical model and the system of hypotheses it is made at the same time as these two processes are inseparable. The analytical model used was developed by Pierre Bourdieu over several researches, and it is based on the need to apply to the sociological field the more common sociological findings of the sociology of knowledge and science. The purpose of this work in presenting this system of hypotheses and using the perspective developed by Pierre Bourdieu is ultimately encourage debate on this issue by the Catalan sociological community, since the study of the genesis of the Catalan sociological field may well be an opportunity not only to reflect on their past history, but especially to wonder about how this history affects current sociological practices in Catalonia, giving them their distinctive shape. Thus, to achieve this purpose, it is essential to consider the contributions of all those who, as part of the object of study, think that their point of view deserves to be known and recognized, because only in this way could be attained the objective of this research.