The politicization of Catalan sociological field: a comparative structural indicator (in Catalan)

Paper presented at the IV Catalan Conference of Young Sociologists, Bellaterra, 2011.

Objective: This paper is part of the research program on the institutionalization of sociology in Catalonia. It is a first attempt to establish an analytical model and a system of hypotheses to study the phenomenon of politicization of Catalan sociology. Method: In this sense, two databases have been developed, one of sociologists (409 valid records) and the other of political scientists (131 valid records) in order to create a preliminary structural indicator of politicization of the sociological field in comparative terms. The work is supported by theoretical background proposed by Franck Poupeau, Pierre Bourdieu and Raimon Bonal, and escapes from the subjectivist alternative, since the adopted standpoint goes beyond attitudes, motivations and individual positions. Results: The outcomes shows that relations established between the sociological field and State as a political power are identical to those established between the field of political science and State: 48% of sociologist and 47% of political scientist in the population sample are working for the State. A result that invites further study of the relations established between sociological field and political power.